Robocop_CitizensArrest_003_PRESS_1RoboCop Citizens Arrest #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Jorge Coelho

Colors by Doug Garbark

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

In one of the last neighborhoods in old Detroit, a group of citizens gather to discuss the fact that OCP is taking away their homes and community and many of them blame RoboCop for making the situation worse for them by fighting back. After one of the speakers in the room gives them a bit of the truth, they collectively decide to do something unthinkable; throw their phones away and collectively go off the grid.


This act disturbs the CEO of the company and the talking heads in the media who continue to put the blame on the citizens for the brutality of the company. It’s pretty prescient to events today and that increases the intensity of the events that follow. RoboCop has decided to attack OCP forces directly when he sees them running people out of their neighborhood as they burn it to the ground. His new partner manages to rescue him and we get a pretty funny scene involving RoboCop’s age and how it’s an actual advantage against the new tech.

I really enjoy this series and this issue especially. It really illustrates the divide between these factions and its gratifying to see the ones in power showing some fear and uncertainty at the actions of those they decided where under their thumb. The politics isn’t heavy handed and there is something everyone can find to enjoy in this story and its characters. Definitely want to see how this story progresses and ultimately, how it ends.

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