SIDE_Cv4Sideways #4

DC Comics

Written by Dan DiDio

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colors by Daniel Brown

After his disastrous debut as a superhero, Derek has decided to try to give Sideways another go by going after a supervillain known as Replicant and he needs Ernie’s help. While she is reluctant to get involved, she relents as Derek tells her his plan.

A plan that only a teenager would some up with and another teenager agree to. Ernie does take one last swipe at making Derek listen to reason, but I am getting the impression that Derek is not particularly bright, and he rifts away.


At the same time Derek is off doing something stupid, the consequences of his choices continue to pile up as his mother is brought into her boss’ office and scolded for her son’s inability to be on time. Derek appears in Metropolis just in time to watch the new hero fighting Replicant get beaten mercilessly. To his credit, Derek finds a way to improvise, but they don’t get far enough away before Replicant is on them.

Derek’s lack of planning leads to the villain using his powers to replicate Derek’s. What follows is exactly what one would expect. The saving grace of this issue is that the side stories are more compelling. Derek’s mother and her relationship to her boss opens up some interesting narrative ground. Also, his supporting cast does well to keep the story moving. As much as I don’t particularly like Derek as a character, his story is compelling enough for me to want to know more and the end of this issue solidifies my curiosity.

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