Sideways #2

DC Comics

Written by Dan DiDio & Justin Jordan

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colors by Daniel Brown

Five minutes into Sideways declaring himself a superhero to the world and he is confronted by a giant creature who has declared his use of his new powers a crime worthy of death.

The Tempus Fuginaut, as it calls itself, has deemed Sideways too young to possess the powers that he has and his continued existence is a threat to the boundaries between dimensions. It has determined that the only way to stop the threat before it begins is by killing the would be hero. As he attempts to escape, he finds that his powers are not working, forcing him to take a desperate gamble to escape.


Derek manages to escape and makes his way back to Ernie, who promptly gets him in a car to the hospital. Unfortunately, the last portal he made, didn’t close all the way and something followed him. Derek is on the mend in the hospital when his mother arrives and she remembers the events that rocked Gotham during Metal. Events that separated the two of them and caused her to re-examine her choices as a parent. While the doctor gets ready to run tests on Derek, he has Ernie get rid of his costume.

At the same time, the police bring in a prisoner who’s been shot. The mystery woman, a speedster, begins to wreak havoc on the hospital and its staff forcing Derek to step up and make a decision that could cost him everything, even his life.

Issue 2 of this series is becoming more interesting as the characters are finding their footing bit by bit and the story is developing. Derek, as a character, is still a bit lacking in either likability or charm, but his supporting characters make up for those deficiencies. The most interesting aspect of this issue felt a little under utilized and I hope the next issue picks up on the Tempus/Sideways dynamic more. That feels like the more tangible storyline to explore.

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