Dcotor Strange #387

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Niko Henrichon

Colors by Laurent Grossat

To say that Stephen Strange has royally screwed things up would be an understatement. After raising Las Vegas and resurrecting its citizens, he has brought Mephisto into the world and wagered the fate of it on a hand of poker, which he cheated at and was caught.

As Stephen contemplates his latest in a long list of mistakes, he is contacted by Wong. His former friend tries to assure the Sorcerer Supreme that he is not alone. His mystic special forces team of Elsa Bloodstone, Ghost Rider, Blade, Iron Fist, Man Thing, Moon Knight and Brother Voodoo are descending on the city to try to help. Wong also tells him of a wild card in the deck. One that doesn’t want its presence or identity known. Strange suspects that it’s Zelma, but he’s wrong.


As Wong disappears, Clea shows up to help Strange escape. Not believing what he’s seeing, Strange relaxes as his former love sets to healing his shattered legs and tells him that she’s called in some help that Wong doesn’t know about. Help that just might turn the tide of the battle against Mephisto. As Strange as his new team escape from the casino, Clea is captured. In a rage, Stephen unleashes his power on the demonic horde surrounding him and he and the rest of his team get ready to battle the possessed Avengers gathering to stop them. Unfortunately, this is Mephisto and nothing with him is what it seems.

I continue to enjoy this story immensely. I love seeing Strange at his worst and how he and the people who care for him struggle to help him despite himself. I also find myself enjoying the mental and psychological manipulation Mephisto has been employing throughout this series. There’s a reason why he is effective as a villain and master manipulator and that reason is in full effect in this title. I want to see more of that dynamic play out between Stephen and the demon.

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