sideways-12-preview-coverSideways #12

DC Comics

Written by Dan DiDio

Art by Kenneth Rocafort, Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki

Colors by Dan Brown and Hi-Fi

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Hopkins is making his way through Dark Star trying to find Derek. When he finally reaches the lab, he finds Derek and the two of them escape.


Derek tells the detective the circumstances of how the lap was destroyed and how he survived and as the two-part, Derek goes home to confront his father who has a surprise for his adopted son.

After all of the build up and mystery surrounding Dark Star, Derek, his mother and Leto Dominus, this issue just felt like a let down. After the events of the last issue, there were so many places that this issue could go in regards to addressing those plot details and storylines that have been part of this series since the beginning. Instead, DiDio pulls all the drama out of the climax and turns it into a flashback sequence that doesn’t go anywhere. I expected more from the confrontation between Derek and Dominus. Unfortunately, it was another wasted opportunity.

The art was good, but the inconsistency in the visual style of the artists along with Rocafort’s bookended visuals matched the inconsistent narrative of the issue.

Sideways #12




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