733673._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Aliens Resistance #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Robert Carey

Colors by Dan Jackson

Letters by Nate Piekos

Amanda Ripley is doing her best to put the events of Isolation behind her and stay as far away from Weyland-Yutani as she possibly can. The problem is that the company continues its dealings and its schemes still threaten humanity itself.


In an attempt to stop the company from hurting more people and releasing its stranglehold on the populace, Zula Hendricks is going to recruit Ripley to break into a secure Weyland-Yutani corporate facility and steal data that can lead them to a secret black site where she is convinced the company is continuing its biological weapons program. With the information they need, they come upon a colony ship heading to the research facility and discover that there are no life signs.

Rather than take the traditional route of these stories and focus only on the Alien aspect, Brian Wood decides to broaden the story to focus on growing a resistance to the company and it works. Showcasing the oppressive nature of the company both in the script and the art gives the reader a sense that there is a bigger, more immersive story to be told. One that will pit Amanda and Zula against multiple opposing forces. This first issue had some great character moments and action and does an amazing job of setting up the conflicts to come with its pace and tone.

The art by Robert Carey is great. There are some really tense visual moments throughout this issue as well as the physical representation of this dystopian future. It was stunning to look at.

Aliens Resistance #1




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