large-6679708Sideways #11

DC Comics

Written by Dan DiDio

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colors by Daniel Brown

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Derek James learn the truth.

Bolt continues to hold Ernie hostage and Derek has to find some way to rescue her. Unfortunately, his inexperience is his biggest adversary and the plan he comes up with is desperate, but effective in getting Ernie away and back home before he goes to confront Bolt again.


As Ernie tries desperately to find help for Derek through the Justice League and Detective Hopkins, Derek finds that he is no match for a supervillain that has similar powers to his and the skill to use them.

Captured and beaten, Derek is strapped to a machine at Dark Star and Dominus reveals what she knows about him, what she wants with his power and her connection to his mother’s death. As Hopkins makes his way to Dark Star, he’s just in time to see all hell break loose on the building.

This was a thoroughly exciting issue that delivers on the promise of what has made Sideways an interesting character as well as the bigger story that has been building since issue 1. It’s going to be interesting to see how the creative team completes this arc for the character and where he goes next in the DC universe.

Rocafort’s art is amazingly detailed an beautiful in this issue. There are so many dynamic and dramatic scenes that are rendered in a way to catch the eye and move the story forward.

Sideways #11




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