Justice League Dark #6

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Daniel Sampere

Inks by Juan Albarran

Colors by Ardiano Lucas

Letters by Rob Leigh

War is coming and Justice League Dark is nowhere near prepared for it.


Detective Chimp is about to be executed for his crimes against the land of Myrra. His selfishness and self-pity have doomed the world for too long and Blue Devil is almost happy to let the warlocks end Bobo to bring them some peace. It’s going to take a lot of convincing from Zatanna and Diana to stay the hand of the executioners and the only person not helping in the effort is Detective Chimp himself.

On Earth, the confrontation between Doctor Fate and Phantom Stranger takes a dark toll and both Constantine and Swamp Thing are stymied about what to do next. When they are left with no options to stop Fate, Constantine sends a message via Swamp Thing before making a sacrifice to but Swamp Thing time to escape. It’s an interesting and well done scene that illustrates the higher stakes of the war for magic.

Tynion IV is creating a really interesting and fun world for these characters and even the verbose moments with Bobo and Blue Devil are making some intriguing drama for the team to work through. I like that this story was split between a relatively small problem while the bigger war continued to rage elsewhere. I continue to be curious about Fate’s motivations and what they mean for magic going forward.

Sampere’s art is well done and detailed. There are several great moments in the story, but the standouts are the fight between Constantine, Swamp Thing, Doctor Fate and Phantom Stranger.

Justice League Dark #6




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