SherlockVanishing0202011ACaSherlock Holmes The Vanishing Man #2

Dynamite Comics

Written by Leah Moore and John Reppion

Art by Julius Ohta

Colors by Ellie Wright

Letters by Simon Bowland

The mystery continues to get deeper as the wife of the missing man is followed to a local pawnbroker and instead of trying to sell an item or see if one’s been pawned, she decides to pick up something dangerous.

Meanwhile, at Baker Street, Lestrade bursts in unannounced, demanding to speak to Holmes regarding a flood of crimes in the area, specifically a strong of burglaries that have caught the Inspector’s attention. Unfortunately, the consulting detective is nowhere to be found, but Lestrade is insistent that he get in touch with him as soon as possible. To his credit, Holmes and Watson are following a lead that takes them back to the home of Mrs. Williams where they meet her mother and both she and Holmes have an interesting conversation.


I like the dynamic between the two of them. There is a moment where Holmes could be understanding in his assessment of the woman, but his insights are kept to the surface. Whether to protect himself from showing empathy or to protect the mother from reliving past trauma. The conversation continues and the banter gets better as the reader is allowed to speculate along with Holmes and even feel the same sense of alarm at certain things.

The pleasantries end though when Holmes notices a man watching the house and gives chase. The issue culminates in a revelation regarding the missing man, Holmes and Watson playing catch up and the young boy from the first issue witnessing the brutality of Moriarty firsthand.

I really enjoy the twists and turns that this story is taking. It’s difficult to predict what will happen next and that level of detail makes for an interesting plot. The narrative flows really well with the characters changing and growing with each page. This is definitely a mystery that I want to follow to the end.

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