Abbott #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Sami Kivela

Colors by Jason Wordie

Letters by Jim Campbell

Abbott is in serious trouble and only the voices of the people in her life who know her true destiny can help her.

She finds herself in a vision with her love Samir and her friend Sebastian. Both of which give her information that she needs to stop the demon who has her. She wakes up in the clutches of Bellcamp and the two trade barbs at each other as the man tells Abbott what he plans to do with her and what he plans to unleash on the world. It’s a pretty interesting plan to say the least. The fact that he lays out the reason he won’t kill her and what he plans to do to her instead makes for better drama, especially when we see what happened to Wardell.


At the same time, Abbott’s allies are coming to the rescue, finding her car and preparing themselves for the battle ahead. When they enter the professor’s home, they are attacked by one of his creatures and they all learn really quickly just what kind of trouble Abbott is in. The tension continues to grow in this finale as Abbott finds herself unable to escape and the twisted creature that serves the professor gets ready to begin transforming Abbott herself into a creature that will serve the darkness.

The final moments of the story are filled with some amazing art and a great moment for Abbott as she finds herself on course for a new mission, a new purpose and a new set of circumstances. The way the story wraps up is satisfying and leaves open the possibility of more stories in the future, which I liked. If there was one thing that stood out as an issue with this conclusion is that it was a little too abrupt. I never really got much of a sense of who Bellcamp was and it took away some of his menace because there was little development of his character. Other than the abruptness of the ending, the story was compelling from start to finish and I would love to read more about Abbott and her world in the future.

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