Shang-Chi #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Dike Ruan and Philip Tan

Colors by Sebastian Cheng

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Shang-Chi travels to London to stop his sister and her undead army.

Sister Hammer and her forces are overrunning the city and Leiko and her team are barely keeping them contained. With more victims being turned into the undead and attacking, the arrival of Shang-Chi and his allies help to turn the tide. With a means of stopping the undead monsters, the heroes go to work but Shang-Chi’s wounds continue to make him vulnerable to the influence of his sister and she uses that to turn him against his siblings.

As Shang-Chi continues to resist, the words of his uncle come back to him and he remembers why he needs to keep the wounds and how he can use them to strike back at his sister. A move that will take both of them into the memories of her past and a confrontation with their dead father who continues to loom over their lives.

The Story: Gene Luen Yang brings this story to a satisfying and cinematic conclusion. Even with all the brilliant action and suspense, Yang keeps the focus on the characters and their personal journeys. This allows for the reader to become more engaged and involved in the story through the relationships of the characters. This is a great conclusion that sets up some great character development for Shang-Chi as well as sets the stage for some more interesting stories to come.

The Art: Diek Ruan and Philip Tan deliver some beautiful imagery throughout this issue. Both artists and their styles merge well with the emotion and tone of the story and there is a great energy to the panels and the action.

Shang-Chi #5



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