Seven Secrets #7

Boom! Studios

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo

Colors by Walter Baiamonte

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Caspar will discover the truth of his past as he continues to protect his secret.

Caspar’s journey through a world between worlds will bring him face to face with beings he instantly fears. As he runs from them, their pursuit of him reveals they know more about him that he thinks. When his journey takes him to a mysterious island in the middle of a sea of stars, Caspar learns the truth about his past and where he was raised.

With the rest of the survivors looking for him including his mother, Caspar will discover memories of his life within this world and that there are some who don’t want to see him leave it.

The Story: Taylor throws some really interesting and entertaining narrative curveballs in this issue. The character of Caspar is given some new and intriguing depth that makes me more interested in both his fate and his journey. Taylor has teased some new and intriguing things to come from both the characters and their mission. I am interested in seeing where things go for Caspar and what these new revelations mean for his development as a character.

The Art: Daniele Di Nicuolo delivers stunning visuals throughout this issue. Every page has new and beautifully done imagery.

Seven Secrets #7



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