Magic #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by IG Guara

Colors by Arianna Consonni

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: The city at the heart of the multiverse finds itself under attack by a deadly and cunning foe.

The city of Ravnica sits at the center of all things magical as well as political with the guilds and their Guildmasters keeping the peace among factions in an uneasy alliance. A series of coordinated attacks on three of the guilds forces their leaders into battle against unknown forces.

As the battles rage, the Guildmasters are at a loss to discover who or what is behind these attacks as well as what their motives might be. When one of them manages to take a prisoner, he is brought before the Senate so that everyone can get answers. When they call in a mind-mage to probe the assassin, they unleash a bigger threat that will prompt the Guildmasters to band together to discover who is trying to kill them.

The Story: MacKay introduces the reader to a big, lush and intricately detailed world in this first issue. Even with all the exposition required to lay out these characters and the world they inhabit, MacKay does a great job of keeping the story grounded to the characters. The mystery is compelling. The characters are interesting and the plot has me intrigued about what comes next.

The Art: Guara delivers some stunning visuals throughout this issue. Form the character designs to the magic, everything looks amazing and eye-catching.

Magic #1



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