John Wick and its sequel John Wick 2 have delivered thrills and excitement since the Keanu Reeves series began in 2014. Well Dynamite Entertainment and Lionsgate want to bring fans more adventures including the origins of the antihero in a new comic series.

Written by Action Comics and Totally Awesome Hulk writer Greg Pak and drawn by Giovanni Valetta, the John Wick comic will continue the story of John Wick in an interesting way, by delving into his past.

John-Wick-photos-1The story will be considered canon and the writer and artist have gotten the blessings of John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, the studio and Keanu Reeves himself. According to a statement released by Dynamite, “I’m a huge Keanu Reeves fan and loved the John Wick movies, which had the kind of kinetic action and intriguing mythology that seemed like a perfect fit for comics.” Pak said in a statement before praising the artist for the publisher.

John Wick the comic series will launch on Digital and in Comic Book stores in September.

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