Lionsgate is set to release a new Sci-Fi thriller that takes on some high concept storytelling as well as cutting edge special effects.

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Coming in August, Lionsgate will release the science fiction thriller Kill Switch on Blu-Ray / DVD. The film, written by Charlie Kindinger and Omid Nooshin is directed by visual effects veteran Tim Smit. The film stars Dan Stevens (Legion), Berenice Marlohe (Skyfall) and Charity Wakefield (Wolf Hall).

In the near future, the Alterplex Corporation will find a new innovative way to bring unlimited energy to the entire world. When atmospheric incidents begin to occur around the world, the company brings in scientist and former NASA pilot Will Porter (Stevens) to travel to an alternate Earth with a device designed to separate the two before disaster strikes.


Using innovative effects and unique first-person action, Kill Switch will be available on Blu-Ray for $24.99 and DVD for $19.98. Kill Switch will also include special features including an Audio Commentary from director Tim Smit and a featurette “The Visual Effect: Inside the Director’s Process” which will explore the unique video-game inspired visual effects used in telling the story.

Kill Switch will be available on Blu-Ray / DVD August 22, 2017.

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