Game of Thrones


Season 7 Episode 5



In the first few minutes of the episode we get our first look at a new location on the map; Eastwatch. As far as the wall extends, Eastwatch is the farthest outpost on it. When the episode opens, Bronn has saved Jaime from his encounter with Drogon and Dany. Jaime is visibly shaken by what he witnessed in the previous episode and Tyrion is as well when he tours the destruction. The remnants of the Lannister / Tarley army are brought before Dany and given the choice to “bend the knee or die”. Many of the men agree, especially when the dragon lets out a roar, but Lord Tarley and his son Dickon (snicker) refuse. As Dany prepares to render their sentence, Tyrion tries to plead for the men’s lives, but Dany gave them a choice, something that her father never did.


When Dany returns to Dragonstone, we get a really interesting scene with Drogon and Jon Snow. Jon is clearly terrified of the dragon, but they actually seem to like each other. Something that does not go unnoticed by Dany, who reminds Jon that the dragons are her children. The scene does remind one of a potential suitor getting along with a single mother’s kids and actually made me chuckle a little. At the same time as the two of them seem to be getting closer, Captain Friendzone himself Jorah Mormont returns. He is greeted warmly by his queen and you can kind of see the jealousy brewing between Jorah and Jon.


In Winterfell there is a new set of problems emerging and they are all located squarely in House Stark. Arya has been following Littlefinger around the castle, spying on the Spy Master himself. After having a pretty tense conversation with her sister Sansa, Arya is suspicious of the new Lady of Winterfell’s motives as well as her relationship to Littlefinger. It was gratifying to see that the tensions that the two of them have had since the first season are alive and well. It will be interesting to see how they resolve those issues, if they do at all, especially with Littlefinger openly plotting to divide them.


Bran has sent a pack of ravens to spy on the advancing army of the dead and when he sees the scope of them, he immediately alerts everyone. The alert causes Samwell to confront the Maesters at the Citadel and plead for their help. When they decide to be a little too measured in their response, Sam takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Jon, Jorah, Davos, Gendry and Tormund are getting ready to confront them army in order to bring back a White Walker as proof when they meet up with the Hound and his new buddies; The Brotherhood. Considering all of the entanglements that this show has presented over the years, it was nice to see that they kept those in mind as they assembled this motley crew of warriors to embark on this dangerous mission.


This episode worked for me on every level. The tension between the characters was natural and gave a great sense of continuity from the previous seasons. I enjoyed the self-reflection that many of the characters were allowed to have and there are some great character moments between everyone, especially Jaime and Cersei. My only worry is whether or not they can resolve those conflicts with the amended season that they have.

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