Scarlet Witch #9

Marvel Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Lorenzo Tammetta and Sara Pichelli

Colors by Frank William

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Wanda exposes Joseph to a week in her life as a dark reality moves closer.

With the disappearance and murder of several magic users, Wanda decides to take the clone of her father Joseph with her on a series of adventures to help those that come through her door.

In the course of the week she does everything from mediation to teaching with Joseph along for the ride. When she returns to the shop, she and Darcy receive an unexpected visitor with designs on destroying the Scarlet Witch.

The Story: Orlando crafts an inventive and entertaining story in this issue that has a dark undertone for anyone who has been reading the series up to this point. An undertone that permeates every positive moment and builds suspense throughout the story as the reader waits for the inevitable betrayal. The story contains some great action as well as character moments that are compelling and the ending is a dark and exciting reveal that makes me interested in seeing what happens next.

The Art: Tammetta and Pichelli deliver beautifully detailed art that showcases fantastic locations and realms that draw the eye and the imagination.

Scarlet Witch #9



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