Scarlet Witch #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Sara Pichelli

Inks by Elisabetta D’Amico

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Wanda must enter the dreams of family in order to stop a persistent nightmare.

Wanda and Darcy welcome a new visitor to the shop in the form of Vision’s daughter Viv. After telling Wanda about the troubles she is having in her dreams, Wanda agrees to help her and the two enter the dreams of the android where Wanda quickly discovers who is turning them into a nightmare and why.

A fierce confrontation between the Scarlet With and the Daughter of Nightmare will result in a showing of power that the Dreamqueen is not prepared for a resolution that will not only help Viv but give a new and unexpected twist to the Dreamqueen’s desire to feed on suffering. At the same time, the Bar with No Name gets a violent vision from someone looking for Darcy Lewis.

The Story: Orlando delivers an entertaining and engaging story with great humor and character mixed in. I love the conflict between Wanda and Viv and their complicated relationship makes the moments between them more interesting. The adventure elements work insanely well and make me appreciate the character of Wanda more. I love the banter between Wanda and Darcy and am excited to see more of her story develop.

The Art: Pichelli delivers stunning imagery throughout the issue. The visual style is perfect for the tone of the story and its characters and enhances the world of the Scarlet Witch beautifully.

Scarlet Witch #2



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