Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (24)Scarlet #4

DC Comics/ Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Letters by Joshua Reed

What happens when an idea starts to spread?

After the dramatic events of the last issue, Scarlet has decided to surrender to the authorities. Unaware of what to do first, she decides to visit the special forces officer sent to negotiate with her and he gives her some brutal realities that she is going to have to face when she surrenders to the government. His revelations are interesting in that he seems to be warming to her in a way that is unexpected for a seasoned operative.


As Scarlet conveys her decision to the people loyal to her, the entire exchange is filmed. She goes to each of the people who have fought by her side and speaks to them. When Kit, whose actions sparked this escalating problem that Scarlet has to defuse, arrives there is the sense that something ominous will happen between the two, but the reverse occurs and it solidifies Scarlet’s place among the people fighting with her.

It’s that unexpected dramatic tension that Bendis is able to bring to life in this series and this issue. It allows the reader to believe that anything can happen next and the tension in this issue takes the reader on an emotional journey with an exciting and unexpected conclusion. The end of this issue was a complete surprise and sets up something completely unexpected going forward. That uncertainty makes me excited to see where this story can go next.

Maleev continues to impress with the detailed and beautiful art in this issue and the panels help to build on the tension of the narrative. Great issue from start to finish.

Scarlet #4




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