Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (20)Action Comics #1005

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Ryan Sook

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Josh Reed

Red Cloud revealed in a shocking twist no one saw coming.

Clark Kent is happier than he has been in weeks and Goode can see it. He reveals that he knows where his wife is, but will not spill any details as he helps his colleague work on her story.


The criminal underworld of Metropolis has a new problem when one of the bosses gets an offer from one of her people to turn over a HERO dial to give her super powers. Unfortunately, the meeting gets broken up by the return of The Question who wants to know whom the Red Cloud is. This would have been a huge reveal itself and is one of the best parts of this issue, but it’s not the only reveal.

As cracks begin to show in the underworld and loyalties are tested, Clark is contacted by Melody Moore, Deputy Chief of the Metropolis Fire Department with a story that she can only tell Clark alone. After finding out that the series of fires being set throughout the city are the subject of a cover up that goes all the way to the Mayor’s office, Superman finds himself being attacked by Red Cloud who is revealed to be someone I never thought of.

There are some really great moments in this issue. Bendis has done an exceptional job of creating and curating this mystery and the fact that it puts Superman in the position to lean more on his Clark persona is icing on the cake. Superman is less effective in this story than Clark Kent is and that is something that rarely happens in the comics. The Question reveal was amazing. Whether this Question is Vic Sage or not, the character is one of my favorites and this mystery is right up his alley. Great story that is getting better with each reveal.

Ryan Sook’s art is amazing in the issue as well and there are some really interesting panel compositions as well as great colors by Brad Anderson.

Action Comics #1005




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