SCARLET_Cv1Scarlet #1

DC Comics/ Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Letters by Joshua Reed

A small team of citizens make their way to a palette in the middle of an open area. They’re convinced that it might contain supplies that they need, but it could also be a trap. When one of them is taken out by a sniper, the latter is confirmed. After a firefight, they retrieve the bundle and count on Scarlet to remove the body of their friend.


The young woman named Scarlet takes over telling the story as we discover that this is not some post-apocalyptic hellscape that we are witnessing. This is Portland. After taking the city, the government has cut the city off, turning it into a No Man’s Land. The citizens have turned to Scarlet, taking up her cause and the woman herself is dealing with the burden of her role as well as the resolve of her cause. As the local forces surrounding the city try to take out Scarlet any way they can, a communique from The White House might be exactly what Scarlet is looking for.

Bendis has started an interesting story with this first issue. What makes many aspects of it work is that the back story is laid out beforehand. This allows the story to begin without a lot of preamble. It is an intriguing story as well with Bendis’ emphasis on Scarlet and how the story is told through her point of view. It helps the reader identify with her and connect with her struggle. One of the things that the story is lacking in is a sense of urgency with respect to the struggle Scarlet and the rest of the people who stayed in the city face.

Alex Maleev showcases some amazing art in this first issue. There are some great details in all the panels and there is a sense of both gritty reality and detachment in how the city is rendered. I really enjoyed the art in this issue and look forward to seeing where this story goes next.

Scarlet #1




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