Savage Dragon #267

Image Comics

Written by Erik Larsen

Art by Erik Larsen and Nikos Koutsis

Colors by Mike Toris

Letters by Jack Morelli

The Rundown: Frank and Angel tie the knot as the story of their love unfolds.

Frank and Angel have a long and complicated relationship and they plan on bringing their lives together in marriage. Their friendship and courtship begin when they are young and after the apparent death of her surrogate father, she and Malcolm go to live with Frank and his mother.

As their lives progress and they face danger and betrayal, the pair continue to grow closer and decide to get married. With their friends and family in attendance, they tie the knot, but something might be wrong with the groom.

The Story: Larsen crafts a fantastic and fun issue that does a great job of showcasing the history of the characters and their relationship. It has a wonderful progression of events both in the past and present that allow the reader to learn more about the characters and has some fun and funny moments throughout before delivering a surprising ending that I wasn’t expecting.

The Art: Larsen and Koutsis deliver fantastic art throughout the issue. The visuals are fun, sexy and visually engaging.

Savage Dragon #267



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