It looks like Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is taking another trip into the digital world with a live action adaptation of a video game classic.


According to an exclusive in The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Reynolds will take the lead role in a live action adaptation of the classic video game Dragon’s Lair. Netflix has the rights to the game in a deal with Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, Trevor Engelson, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Jon Pomeroy producing along with Reynolds and his Maximum Effort production company.


Created by Don Bluth and Rick Dyer, Dragon’s Lair was one of the first video games to utilize classic cell animation for its characters and settings. The game was the first to utilize laserdisc technology, making it a graphics marvel for the time when it was released in arcades in 1983. Dragon’s Lair tells the story of medieval knight Dirk the Daring. The bravest (and one of the last living) knight in the kingdom, Dirk is tasked with saving Princess Daphne from the clutches of the dragon Singe and the evil wizard Mordroc.

The film adaptation will be scripted by Dan and Kevin Hageman, who worked on The Lego Movie as well as the recently released Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Reynolds will next be seen in another video game centric film when he takes on the role of a video game NPC who discovers the true nature of his world in Free Guy. Free Guy is currently expected to be released in July.


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