Director Ron Howard was brought in to right the ship of the Han Solo film and it looks like he is taking the job seriously, but also having fun.


The A Beautiful Mind and Splash director has been keeping Star Wars fans in the loop by teasing things on social media that will make them excited. Ever the showman, Howard took to social media to tease fans with a potentially explosive moment that many of them have dreamed of. Ron Howard took to Twitter to release an image of what looks like a mine area. He also used the hashtag “Spicy” when describing it. Could this location be the infamous Spice Mines of Kessel that have been talked about in the series.? Home, coincidentally, of the infamous Kessel Run?

While Howard is not saying anything specifically, it has been reported that the Millennium Falcon will feature in the film and that the ship will have a slightly different look to it before Han gets his smuggling hands on it. We’ll just have to wait and see the final product.


What do you think? Could this latest tweet be hinting at the Kessel Run? Let me know in the comments.

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