Roku #1

Valiant Entertainment

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Ramon F Bachs

Colors by Stephane Paitreau

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: A deadly mercenary is sent to retrieve an item that could change everything about intelligence.


Roku is an assassin and mercenary who’s services are offered to the highest bidder. After a successful mission, she is offered a new one right away at three times her fee. After making her way to Moscow, she uses her unique set of skills and powers to infiltrate a highly secured auction in order to retrieve a very unique item. After running into another mercenary who knows more about her than she does, Roku manages to retrieve the item and is shocked by what it actually is.

After escaping the building, Roku will discover that the item she’s secured is more dangerous than she imagined and people will do anything to retrieve it.

The Story: A tense, tight and well laid out thriller. Cullen Bunn introduces an interesting new character in an engaging story that goes straight for the thrills and the action. The dialogue is great and the characters are all interesting, especially Roku. Her power set is interesting and everything about her in interesting enough to make me want to know more about her history. The fact that everyone seems to know more than she does creates some interesting mysteries to be explored.

The Art: Ramon Bachs amazing art work showcases Roku’s powers and everything from the characters to the action are fantastic to look at.

Roku #1




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