Locke & Key Dog Days

IDW Publishing

Written by Joe Hill

Art by Gabriel Rodriguez

Colors by Jay Fotos

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Two tales showcase the transformative and supernatural nature of Key House.

The first story, Dog Days, takes place in the recent past and tells the tale of three friends spending a lazy day in the area around the house. What is unique about their lazy afternoon is that the house has transformed the family dog into one of the boys at play and his personality and love of fun will rile some and inspire others.


The next story, Nailed It, shows Duncan Locke in the process of rebuilding the house. When Tyler comes to help, he discovers something new and interesting that, with the family looking on, will reveal another secret about the house itself.

The Story: These two short stories effectively appeal to both readers of the original series and newcomers who want to know more about the magic of the house itself. Joe Hill dives into the story head first and doesn’t waste any time on back story and asides. This is for fans of the world of Locke & Key and both stories are well paced and fun.

The Art: Gabriel Rodriguez delivers some beautiful visuals in this issue. The stories themselves are subtle and Rodriguez complements that tone with art that is detailed with a sense of whimsy.


Locke & Key Dog Days




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