Rogue Sun #8

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Parrott

Art by Abel

Colors by Natalia Marques

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Dylan returns to his old life, but could end up facing a new threat.

Suave returns to enlist the help of one of his former henchmen in order to procure something valuable. Unfortunately, the man decides he wants out of the life and Suave reminds him of their connection. At the same time, Dylan returns to his old life but with new responsibilities as his stepmother decides he needs more training and his stepsister decides he needs more education.

After returning to school, Dylan finds his life interrupted by a call from the rogue sun and leaps into action taking down Suave and his henchmen before they can enter a dark dimension. Unfortunately, Dylan’s actions will have some unforeseen consequences when the son of a henchman is made a tempting offer for revenge.

The Story: Parrott crafts an entertaining story in this issue. Dylan’s personal issues and problems are definitely interesting and I like seeing that there are consequences for his actions. The story is filled with great action and I look forward to seeing how this new arc plays out because there are some great things building with the characters and their relationships.

The Art: Abel delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout and I love the action and how visually thrilling it is.

Rogue Sun #8



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