Rogue Sun #2

Image Comics

Written by Ryan Parrott

Art by Abel and Francesco Mortarino

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Dylan’s first foray into being the Rogue Sun might be his last.

Dylan finds himself fighting for his life against a deadly supernatural enemy and it doesn’t help that the voice of his late father is in his head and not exactly helping the situation. After barely surviving the encounter, Dylan returns home to deal with the manifestation of his father berating him for his performance.

Not having any clue what to do next, Dylan decides to see his step sister and seek her advice. After leaving, he is attacked again and must finally allow his father to help him if he has any chance of surviving. A prospect that will not only lead to a tenuous deal between the two, but also reveal a bigger threat looming on the horizon.

The Story: Parrott creates an entertaining story in this issue. The plot has some great elements and the action is fun and thrilling. The angst-ridden teen storyline is definitely the weakest part of the series so far because Dylan is so unlikable that anything that happens to him doesn’t affect the reader in any way that one would actually care. Everyone in the story is equally unlikable and it makes it hard to think of a reason to continue reading beyond the murder mystery elements.

The Art: The art is stellar. The details in the panels are visually exciting and the action is thrilling to see.

Rogue Sun #2



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