RoboCop Citizens Arrest #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Jorge Coelho

Colors by Doug Garbark

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The war continues between the residents of old Detroit and the forces of OCP and the people are not only winning encounter after encounter, but they are starting to turn public opinion their way. A sentiment that the head of OCP cannot abide no matter how many puppets he uses to spread the company’s message. As Murphy and his new friends make progress in the war, the CEO decides to try a different tactic. One that could cost Murphy and his new friend Reza everything.


The contrast between the media and the reality on the street is used to good effect in this issue with an almost eerie sense of relevance. Murphy knows that the guerilla war they are raging won’t end well for everyone involved, but he keeps fighting anyway and when the CEO makes a decision that no one expected, Murphy knows that something else is going that could affect someone close to him.

Wood has done a great job of both fleshing out this story and building the world of RoboCop’s Detroit. The character is written with subtle charm and consistency from previous iterations. It’s gratifying to see Murphy continue to evolve as a character, especially in moments when his core humanity pokes through.

The art is stellar as well with some great sequences and details that give charm to the overall story as well as the characters in it.  This continues to be a fun book that isn’t scared of having a message or bringing up and exploring heavy concepts. I continue to be interested in seeing where this story is going.

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