Robin & Batman #3

DC Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Dustin Nguyen

Colors by Dustin Nguyen

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Killer Croc make his move against Robin and Dick Grayson will have to take him down alone.

Batman and Robin go looking for the missing Killer Croc and Dick begins to learn more about being a vigilante. Unfortunately, that means he still has school to deal with and Alfred will not let him miss it. As he deals with the reality of still being a student, his school day is interrupted by Croc breaking in and demanding that he come to him or else people will start dying.

Dick confronts Croc, but things do go the way he hoped and he winds up alone with Croc taking an injured Batman with him. Dick knows where Croc is taking Batman and suits up to take him down at the place where they met years ago. The place where everything changed for him. With Batman’s life on the line, Robin will have to embrace who he is becoming to both save Batman and stop Killer Croc once and for all.

The Story: Lemire brings this story to a brilliant conclusion that gives the reader a great insight into the character of Dick Grayson. It also affirms the reason there is a Batman/Robin dynamic and why it works so well. The story has a great dark tone that still allows the character to grow and evolve. Something, I think, is one of the best aspects of the series.

The Art: Nguyen delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. The style works really well and it delivers both visually and emotionally with the characters.

Robin & Batman #3



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