Robin #1

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Gleb Melinkov

Letters by ALW’s Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Batman and his team search for his missing son. Damian Wayne is determined to join the League of Lazarus tournament.

Batman waxes sentimental about his son, as he and the Bat Family search for absentee Damian Wayne. Elsewhere, the fourteen year old runaway participates in a cage match against The King Snake. Afterwards, Damian spends time alone with his thoughts. He is then approached by a stranger that offers him passage to an infamous tournament.

Upon is arrival at Lazarus Island, Damian announces his desire to fight immediately. Mother Soul agrees to his request and he is matched against Flatline. After the contest begins, Damian learns of the surprising rules of engagement.

The Story: Williamson does a good job of crafting Damian Wayne’s character. Although he is incredibly arrogant and impolite, he is shown being considerate to others. He is also contemplative of his current actions. His first taste of humility is curiously handled, and I am interested to see how this incident will drive the series going forward.

The Art: Melinkov uses expressive, detailed drawings to convey this story. The color work is well done and perfectly fits with the tone of the issue. The action scenes are exciting and interesting. The expertly done panels are very engaging and serve to draw the reader further into the tale.

Robin #1



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