In a meta piece of casting, HBO has revealed who will be playing the fictionalized version of the US President in the upcoming Watchmen series.

In the fictional Watchmen universe created by Damon Lindelof, the current and longest serving President of the United States is actor Robert Redford. The previous long serving President in the original Watchmen comic book series was Richard Nixon and the potential campaign of actor Ronald Reagan was hinted at in the series.

According to multiple sources including The Hill and Entertainment Tonight, President Robert Redford will be played by Robert Redford himself in the new series. According to ET, the back story of Redford’s rise to the Presidency is: Nixon was president in ’85 and re-elected in ’88 before Gerald Ford then took over. He was defeated in the ’92 election by none other than Robert Redford. Lindelof plans to explore Redford’s time in office by analyzing “what happens if a well-intentioned white man is president for far too long.”

Watchmen premieres this October on HBO.

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