Sculptor and artist Tim Bruckner is responsible for some of the most iconic and popular busts, action figures and statues on the market. Bruckner has created collectibles for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Star Trek, professional wrestling and more with many of his items going for high value on the secondary markets.

Both the popularity of his art and the rarity of finding them in the market has prompted Tim Bruckner to open up his archive and offer some of those older pieces to collectors.



Tim has begun with two classic items, the Silver Age Bizarro Bust and the DC Dynamics Joker Statue. The Silver Age series depicted classic DC characters in their most iconic looks, and his Bizarro is a particularly distinctive character. The seminal DC Dynamics line put Bruckner’s mastery of the form on full display, capturing DC’s greatest heroes (and the Joker) in fluid movement. You can find these items on his blog .


Interested collectors can also contact the Tim Bruckner Shop via email at . New pieces will be announced on the shop’s Facebook page as well as Tim’s personal page and interested collectors should check the blog regularly for more offerings in the future.

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