Red Sonja Volume 4 #19

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham

Art by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Mohan

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Sonja and her crew continue their adventures in Cimmeria in this new issue and the secret that Lera continues to hide from Sonja makes all of them a target. Lera has spoken for Sonja with the lord of the castle and the warrior is not pleased. Sendak wants a local village cleared of its inhabitants and Lera has managed to convince him that they can do it. Sonja continues to be increasingly hostile towards the young woman for her lying. A problem that only gets worse when they finally reach the village.

Once they reach the village, they are attacked by the followers of Kulan Gath. Their attack is the closest Sonja has come so far to discovering Lera’s secret, but even the constant prompting from Taya to tell the truth doesn’t seem to convince her and when Lera goes back to speak to Sendak again, she makes the situation even worse for Sonja.

Chu and Burnham continue to craft an interesting story that takes some unexpected turns. As the tension between Sonja and her team continues to grow, the drama in their interactions gets better. The pacing of the issue is well done and there’s some really good balance between the exposition and the action. I want the Lera reveal to happen sooner rather than later because Sonja’s reactions to the woman’s behavior so far seems to portend something epic when she finally finds out.

The art by Carlos Gomez is beautiful. It continues to be some of the best character design of Sonja I’ve seen in a long time and there are great details in both the characters and the backgrounds. The action is both brutal and visually stunning as well with some great facial expressions on the characters. I even enjoyed the twist at the end of the issue that looks like it’s going to complicate things for Sonja even more.


Red Sonja vol 4 #19




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