Batman #52

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Lee Weeks

Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The most high-profile juror in the country has his work cut out for him as Bruce Wayne finds himself in the unusual position of advocating for Mr. Freeze and against his alter-ego Batman. As the rest of the jurors on the case have made their decision based on their personal opinions of the man on trial, Bruce is frustrated that there seems to be so many holes in the overall case. His own doubt is what is fueling his questioning of the evidence against Freeze. Doubt and something more that reveals itself over the course of this issue.

The takedown of Freeze is in line with most Batman fights, but there was a brutality to this apprehension that Bruce is dealing with personally and part of it is fueling his questioning of the entire case and his argument is compelling if for no other reason than the fact that the jurors thirst to convict is based on their perceived infallibility of the Dark Knight himself.

King continues to challenge fans of Batman in a good way with this story. I found it compelling and intriguing after wondering which direction it was going to take after the first part of the arc. I was pleasantly surprised by many of the things in this story, including the juror’s perceptions of Bruce and the vignettes where he gets to know a little about them as people. These were well done thematically in this story and they impressed me by having a sense of realism to them.

Week’s art is perfect for this particular story. Using the film noir, gritty style to the visuals really punctuates the mystery aspects of the story and adds an additional outside element that contrasts with Bruce in the jury room. A thoroughly interesting issue that ends on an interesting note as well.

Batman #52




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