RSvol402121011AChenRed Sonja #21

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham

Art by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Mohan

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The former champion known as Skath awakens in the woods alone and finds that the nearby town is deserted except for a lonely blind man unable to fight. As he calls the warrior to him, the two talk and he hears of how Sonja used his name to rally the village to stand against the local tyrant they’ve all gone to fight.


Sonja and the rest of the village prepare to lay siege to the castle, but Sonja falls into the moat, ceasing the battle when everyone sees the giant shark that lives in the waters. As it goes after Sonja, Skath decides to join the fight and challenge Rusa Sandak to a fight to the death. As both warriors engage in battle, Sonja must overcome a threat from the sea as Skath must overcome his own personal demons to win the day.

This was a well done conclusion to many of the storylines, especially the one involving Sonja’s sword and the amulet of Kulan Gath. Chu and Burnham do an excellent job of keeping the story on pace as well as giving the side characters the chance evolve with this story. The callbacks to previous arcs work as well to give context to Sonja’s motivations, especially the choice she makes in the end.

The art was great. I really loved the action, especially the shark fight. The pace of this issue was faster than the previous one and the art does a great job of keeping that pace as well as denoting the sense of movement that a really good action sequence is supposed to do.

Red Sonja Vol 4 #21




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