ColdSpots_02-1Cold Spots #2

Image Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Mark Torres

Letters by Simon Bowland

Dan Kerr finds himself in the middle of a mystery he didn’t sign up for. After taking the job of locating his ex and the daughter he’s never seen, he finds himself in the middle of a possible murder mystery when he discover the frozen, shattered remains of the man he recently rented a room from. As the police question him, he finds out that there is more than one victim with the same condition.


The police find him a guide to take him to the island, which was his destination and Dan decides to sleep in his car until the next day when he can go out fresh. As he slumbers away, we see that he is not alone. When he makes his way to the island and into the home of the mysterious Quarrels family, he discovers that there are bigger things at work than his desire to find his child. What he doesn’t know is that his daughter is more closely related to the recent events than he realizes.

Bunn has crafted a really good ghost story and mystery with this second issue. It takes everything that worked with the first issue and amplifies it. The characters are interesting and I love the introduction of Henrietta Quarrels. Everything about Dan’s journey seems to be leading to some dark revelations and that makes for a more engaging narrative. With each issue I find myself curious about where the story goes next.

The art by Mark Torres complements the story greatly. There are some great visual scares in this issue and the details in both the characters and the atmosphere really draw in the reader. The use of shadows helps to give a sense of foreboding as Dan makes his way across the island and I really enjoy how Torres depicts the supernatural elements of this issue.


Cold Spots #2




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