Raise Hell #1

Comixology Originals

Written by Jordan Alsaqa

Art by Ray Nadine

Colors by Ray Nadine

Letters by Ray Nadine

The Rundown: Three friends decide to spice up their lives by summoning a demon.

Reeves, Miri and Victor take a road trip together to find an out of the way place to do something interesting, summon a demon. After meeting up with someone with the ritual kit that they need, the proceed some to begin their ritual.

As the trio succeed, they discover that the demon they summoned is not what they expected. Their new demon friend is a lot smaller than expected and realizes too late that the people he’s connected to have no idea what to do with a demon.

The Story: Alsaqa delivers a fun and entertaining story in this first issue. The world of the story is filled with fun characters and an intriguing premise that takes some strange and funny twists throughout. I like the fun and interesting characters throughout the story and look forward to seeing what happens next.

The Art: Nadine delivers a type of visual energy to the story that is engaging and perfectly matches the fun energy of the story.

Raise Hell #1



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