Rain #4

Image Comics

Written by Joe Hill and David M. Booher

Art by Zoe Thorogood

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Honeysuckle reaches her destination, but there’s little hope to be found when the rain continues to pour.

Honeysuckle finds herself transporting a dangerous criminal after he kidnaps her at gunpoint and forces her to abandon her friends. As he tries to make small talk, Honeysuckle uses the opportunity to force their tractor off the road in hopes of finding a way to escape. After leaving him for dead, she forces herself to run for cover seeing more of the aftermath of the deadly rain that has killed everything in its path as lightning indicates that there is more to come.

After finding her late girlfriend’s family home, she finds herself being confronted by someone that blames her for what happened to the world. After confronting his bigotry, Honeysuckle enters the home hoping to find someone alive. Unfortunately, she discovers something devastating. Something that will send her on a path of justice for someone she discovered loved her.

The Story: Hill and Booher deliver a great story in this issue. There are some great layers to the plot as well as great character development for Honeysuckle. The story is compelling and filled with tension, terror and emotion. I love the risks that the story takes as well as the surprises it offers. A great story that made me interested in more.

The Art: Thorogood offers some beautiful, haunting and wonderfully detailed art in this story. The characters look great and the atmosphere of the story is visually engaging.

Rain #4



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