Nocterra #9

Image Comics

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Tony S. Daniel

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Val and the others head to the place where they might be able to end the darkness, but there are dangers both without and within.

There is a contemplation of what might have been if the world had not turned dark. Thoughts of the past and potential present and what people might have become if there was no Big PM. Unfortunately, reality is a lot different as Val and Bea fight for their lives against a horde of encroaching Shades. At the same time, Piper finds herself confronting a bound Blacktop Bill who has been watching the action amused. An act that gives Piper pause about why they are keeping him alive after what he did to her and the others.

As the group prepares to spring their trap, Em has a moment of pause as he continues to hear the creatures in his head. In the aftermath, Bill tells them about what they are about to face as Piper continues to deal with her anger towards the man. Anger that will only increase when the convoy is attacked and are forced to turn to Bill for help. Help that comes in a form that sickens them all, but does save their lives.

The Story: Snyder does a great job of building tension both externally and internally among the characters. Putting Bill in company with Val and the others leads to some great dialogue between them as well as great tension filled exchanges with Piper. The action is fantastic and gives the story a sense of energy and immediacy that keeps me coming back. I love how the stakes are raised in this story and cannot wait to see where it goes next.

The Art: Tony S. Daniel delivers some blistering visual thrills throughout the issue. The character designs continue to delight and the action is big, bold and beautifully detailed.

Nocterra #9



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