Rai #1

Valiant Entertainment

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Juan Jose Ryp

Colors by Andrew Dolhouse

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: A warrior and his little brother begin a mission to clean up the sins of their shared past.

On their way across a future North America, Rai and Raijin find themselves in the territory of a local gang. After Rai refuses to fight them, Raijin has to teach them a lesson in humility.


As they continue their mission, Rai retreats to dreams of the woman he loves, but the specter of the mission he is on and the connection to his creation will not deter Rai from cleaning up the sins of his father.

The Story: The first issue is a quiet, deliberate story that has the elements of both a classic western and samurai film. As a character, Rai is interesting in both his personality and mannerisms. His story is engaging and Dan Abnett does an excellent job of bringing this character to life in a way that immediately draws in the reader and gives them reason to not only engage with the character, but also his quest. Raijin is a well done addition to the story. His presence is welcome and his interactions with Rai are very well done and entertaining. I want to see what happens next in this series and my hope is that Rai’s targets are filled with as much personality as he and Raijin are.

The Art: Juan Jose Ryp delivers some beautiful visuals in this first issue. The characters look great. The action is both fun and visually stunning and the backgrounds are filled with rich details.

Rai #1




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