prodigy-1-of-6_9520685a47Prodigy #1

Image Comics

Written by Mark Millar

Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Letters by Peter Doherty

Edison Crane is not your average genius and it’s going to take more than his vaunted intellect to solve a mystery that spans parallel worlds.

The first issue of Prodigy introduces us to the world of Edison Crane. From a young boy, he has always been both curious and highly skilled at anything that he puts his mind to. From mastering martial arts to performing heart surgery at the age of 12, Edison has never met a problem that he couldn’t solve.


The problem with being about to solve all problems is that he has become bored with it. His mind is on multiple issues at once and when a new problem emerges that contains alien spacecraft, the CIA, parallel Earths and a possible invasion, Edison is called on by the mysterious agent Rachel Starks to solve the biggest mystery of his life.

This is a relentlessly fun first issue. There are so many great moments in it from a narrative standpoint. Millar creates a complex and intriguing character in Edison Crane. He is intelligent, charming and morally ambiguous and that makes him a compelling character. The mystery at the heart of this story is also interesting in both its execution and scale and it will be equally as interesting to see what role Edison plays in it.

The art by Albuquerque is great. There is a life and energy to the panels and an immediacy to everything that happens. All of the angles used convey dramatic tension and everything in them works to convey the story and its tone.

Prodigy #1




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