Poison Ivy #11

DC Comics

Written by G. Willow Wilson

Art by Marcio Takara

Colors by Arif Prianto

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elahou

The Rundown: Poison Ivy discovers new skills as she leads a group of women in an environmental protest that ends in a surprising confrontation.

Ivy gains a new perspective on the lamia spores as she and the other women from the retreat bathe in its after-effects. Then, an unexpected reaction from Janet and the others prompts Ivy to lead a protest group to create a blockade outside an oil refinery. Soon, some determined truckers make a violent decision that forces Ivy to use a new power. Finally, she has a face-off with the wild lamia that ends in tragedy.

The Story: There are so many interesting things happening in this complex environmentally focused narrative. First, there is the commentary on the society of women, its disparity and the impact it has on the outside world. From the caricature of a popular actress/influencer to a die-hard trucker, the role of women in the destruction of the environment for personal gain is examined. Second, the dangers of tampering with nature and its will to survive is shown through the relentless nature of the lamia. And finally, human nature in its complexity is touched upon as Ivy wrestles with her own penchant for destruction in the name of doing good. I really appreciate how this series is expanding on it premise and look forward to the upcoming issues.

The Art: This comic features a traditional realistic styling that focuses on character expression and form. The visuals are well done and at certain times quite eerie. I especially loved the portrayal of the lamia.

Poison Ivy #11



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