Pine & Merrimac #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Kyle Starks

Art by Fran Galan

Colors by Fran Galan

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Linnea and Parker Kent are happily married, run a detective agency and will find themselves immersed in a dark mystery.

Linnea Kent and her husband Parker are happily married and living in Linnea’s hometown after she retired from the police force and he left being a professional fighter. Supporting his wife and her desire to help others, Parker helps her run her detective agency that specializes in small domestic cases.

When panicked parents beg Linnea for help finding their missing daughter, shadows of a personal tragedy from her past will compel her to investigate. After finding a clue, the pair find themselves taking on a bar full of angry bikers and getting in on the ground floor of a dark and dangerous mystery.

The Story: A fun, sweet and action filled first issue that introduces some interesting characters and circumstances along with an intriguing mystery that got my attention. Starks does a great job of making this character instantly likable through their banter with each other and the narration. I like seeing how they work with each other and look forward to seeing what happens next for and to them.

The Art: Galan does a brilliant job of bringing this story and its characters to life with amazing art that captures the eye and paints a wonderful picture of the world of these characters.

Pine & Merrimac #1



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