Ghostlore #7

BOOM! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Leomacs and Vincenzo Riccardi

Colors by Jason Wordie

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Harmony greets another spectral visitor and Shane sends an emissary with a warning.

Harmony continues to live on the small farm with people who share her ability to see and speak to the dead. When a young woman’s ghost arrives, she tells Harmony of the circumstances surrounding her death and how that dark danger is coming for her again.

After discussing what she discovered with the rest of the group, their meeting is interrupted by an emissary from Shane who is offering them the chance to join him before the storm comes. An offer that will come with an attack to prove how powerful his resolve to have them is.

The Story: An intense, thrilling and entertaining issue from Cullen Bunn. I continue to be impressed with the world of these characters and the heightened sense of urgency surrounding their circumstances. There is a wonderful dark undertone to the story that keeps me coming back to see what happens next and I look forward to the confrontation between Shane and the group.

The Art: Leomacs and Riccardi delivers beautiful art in the issue. I love the laid-back environment Harmony is in and how the scenes change when something encroaches on that environment. I loved the backstory art as well and how beautifully detailed and surreal its visuals are.

Ghostlore #7



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