Paramount is looking to move the long running Star Trek franchise into a new part of the galaxy.

According to an exclusive in Deadline, Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams Bad Robot have tapped writer Kalinda Vasquez to pen a new adventure set in the Star Trek universe. Abrams directed the first two recent Star Trek films which reimagined the universe created by Gene Roddenberry and told new stories for the classic characters of Kirk, Spock and company. With Quentin Tarantino’s Trek film stalled and Fargo’s Noah Hawley’s Trek continuation paused by the studio, there’s no word on who will feature in Vasquez’s Trek outing.

Kalinda Vasquez already has a foothold in the Trek universe having written on the series Star Trek: Discovery (she was even named after a character from the original series episode “By Any Other Name”). She served as co-executive producer on Fear The Walking Dead as well as writing episodes of series like Marvel’s Runaways, Once Upon A Time and Prison Break. She is also the writer of the Marvel Comics series America Chavez: Made in the USA which debuted this week.

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