Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 9

The Series Finale

Wanda takes on Agatha Harkness who wants her powers. Vision confronts himself and the fate of Westview is revealed.

The final episode of WandaVision picks up where the last episode left off. To paraphrase another line from the MCU; “We’re in the Endgame now.” All of the plot points and characters come together in this finale as Wanda is forced to confront her past, her present and her possible future.

Kathryn Hahn continues to kill it as Agatha Harkness and even her hard edged villain turn continues to leave moments where you like her. As compelling as Hahn is, this episode is all about Wanda and Elizabeth Olsen knocks it out of the park with a performance filled with emotion and heart that makes you care more about her character and the journey she’s takes in this series and beyond. There are some amazing acting moments from her throughout from her wide eyed hopeful first view of White Vision to the way her nose scrunches when she sees her kids towards the end of the episode.

Olsen knows this character and who she wants her to be. The complexity of Wanda is brilliantly shown moment by moment as she has to make devastating choices throughout the episode.

Paul Bettany delivers another amazing performance and his role as Vision includes not only great physical acting, but two amazing moments that solidify how special and engaging the character of Vision is. Not only is the scene with Vision fighting himself movie worthy in its execution and special effects, but there is a scene when the two Visions confront identity that is brilliantly executed among all the action.

The finale of WandaVision is perfectly executed and delivers on the emotion and heart the story has been building since the first episode. This series was about Wanda processing her grief and confronting her destiny and both things are handled beautifully. Not only that, but there is a scene between she and Vision that is both heartbreaking and hopeful in equal measure. A product of writing that cares about these characters and makes you care about them as well. I can only hope that future appearances by these characters will meet the same level of character development and evolution that this series has.

WandaVision S01XE09



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