Ordinary Gods #3

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark

Art by Felipe Watanabe

Colors by Frank William

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: With the exiled warriors converging, the One King must decide on a new way to keep them imprisoned on Earth.

Worry and Regret contemplate the news from Earth and decide that a new course of action might be in order to keep the trapped warriors from converging. They decide to meet with the Warden in order to discuss the recent failure to stop the emergence of the Luminary by his Steward. Their plan teases that reinforcements might be on the way to aid the Warden in stopping the warriors.

Christopher is starting to embrace more of his past as he travels the streets of Paris with his new companions and thinks back on times he’s been in the city in other bodies. As they look for the next person on their list known as the Trickster, things get darker back in the states when Christopher’s sister Brianna, who is also his Steward, awakens in the hospital and is visited by the Warden whose punishment forces the young girl to escape. When the Warden fails, new warriors are sent to Earth to fix his mistake.

The Story: All of the intrigue Higgins and Clark are introducing into this world is interesting and I am interested in seeing Christopher explore his new circumstances. I like that the story is expanding in ways that are unexpected. The world building in the series is engaging, but the pace could be picked up a little more. There are lags in the story that took me out, but the premise continues to keep me invested.

The Art: Watanabe delivers some beautiful and impressive visuals in the issue. The panels are filled with great details and keep me engaged with the story and its world.

Ordinary Gods #3



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