Excellence #11

Image Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Khary Randolph

Colors by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: While the Aegis hunts for Spencer, the young man discovers some dark family secrets.

While the Aegis continues to hunt for Spencer in New York, the man himself has made it to the deep south in search of an uncle he never knew. As he regrets not going to his father sooner, Spencer decides to use his magic to get closer to the man he’s looking for and finds a magically skilled woman instead. At the same time, everyone who has helped Spencer escape finds themselves at the mercy of the Aegis and Spencer’s father.

After witnessing the woman perform magic throughout the neighborhood, Spencer wonder why she is so carefree about it. When she reveals that she knows who he really is, she gives him a choice about whether he thinks he’s ready to find out the whole truth about the Aegis and his father. As Spencer learns the truth about his family, his father is confronted by a ghost from his past.

The Story: Excellence returns with all the action and intrigue that has made the series so fun and entertaining the read. Thomas thrusts Spencer into the unknown and the journey is engaging. The world of this series continues to be one that keeps the reader immersed in a story filled with secrets and revelations. I love how the story continues to grow and evolve and everything that is being revealed makes me want to read more.

The Art: Randolph employs some dazzling imagery throughout this issue. The level of detail and the beauty of the art left me reeling and every page has something to capture both the eye and the imagination.

Excellence #11



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