Once Upon A Time at the End of the World #3

BOOM! Studios

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Alexandre Tefenkgi and Nick Dragotta

Colors by Lee Lougheridge and Rico Renzi

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Maceo and Mezzy continue to survive a dangerous, barren world not knowing they are being hunted.

Trekking across a barren, dangerous wasteland brings Maceo and Mezzy together in interesting ways. As Maceo learns to survive, his confidence grows. As Mezzy learns more about the world outside of the one she came from, her walls begin to come down and she even finds herself allowing a laugh to come through. Unfortunately, the people hunting Mezzy through the wasteland are getting closer.

An encounter with a dying man complicates their growing friendship when Mezzy’s actions surprise Maceo. When he attempts to show her that he can survive and be useful, he finds himself in the hands of a dangerous group. Years in the future, Maceo fights for his life and shows the creatures who took him just how dangerous he has become.

The Story: An entertaining and often endearing story from Jason Aaron. The growing relationship between Maceo and Mezzy continues to be compelling, but the time jump adds more to the mystery of who these characters are and what they will become. The world of the story continues to be engaging and I am interested in seeing more of this world and the factions that live within it.

The Art: Both artists deliver fantastic art in the issue. I love the visual style of the story and how wonderfully it transitions to the violent, frenetic art in the future story.

Once Upon A Time at the End of the World #3



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